Testimonials from clients ......

"Kit provided me with incredible service on two separate occasions. Three years ago, I was forced to move from my apartment of sixteen years. As one can imagine, I had amassed a very large quantity of items that need to be looked through, discarded or boxed and saved. Since I only had a few days to move, I could never have accomplished this on my own without her assistance. I was forced to move again last year when my building was bought out by a new landlord. I immediately called Kit. I am very grateful for her professionalism, talent and kindness."  

- Shelly  S.  Upper Westside

You did a great job!. I enjoyed working with you and hope this is just the beginning of future projects together.

Susan R., Realtor

"Some people have a knack for seeing order in chaos.  Kit's one of those people. Her sense of spacial organization is uncanny, as I learned when she  recently completely reorganized my impossibly messy basement storage space after years of neglect.

 She is a marvel"

   - Raymond T.  West Village